Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to do when you have fruit a wastin?

Make something out of it, of course! I had some oranges that I picked up at around 13cents/orange. Which is an AMAZING price, and I went overboard. I bought way more oranges than we could eat, so today we're having Orange-ade!I squeezed all 8 oranges into a 2 quart pitcher. Added 1/3rd cup of sugar and some lemon juice to just for some tartness, and voila! Orange-ade! It is good. I have some bananas that we couldn't get to in time so we're having banana nut bread. On top of this recipe of pumpkin apple muffins that I'm making, that's a lot of fruit stuff. (the apples are good, I bought them for the purpose of making these muffins.

Anyways, I think the spaghetti is cool enough for supper now. Time to eat!

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