Sunday, March 28, 2010

Built my Mower, started my seedlings, built my own grow lamp....

So I built the push reel mower that I bought. And it does cut the grass rather well. It will take longer to mow than with a gas powered mower, but I'll get the workout that I need. I also started my seedlings. so they are in the greenhouse getting ready to germinate and sprout. :) I can't wait. I built my patio garden thing. It has holes in the bottom of it that you can hang cucumbers or tomatoes and it's open on top so you can plant other things. It's a solid square food. So I'm going to grow onions up there and tomatoes and cucumbers at the bottom. I can't wait! I had to take lil Mr. V to the doctor today for a strange rash that was on his back. Come to find out he has impetigo. That's like cellulitis but only in the superficial layers of the skin. So we got antibiotic ointment to put on it. I've been getting him to bed earlier the past couple of days. Starting around 8:30 we go to his room where I change him to his nighttime diaper and into his pjs. We sit on the futon and we read a few books and just calm things down. Then around 9 or 9:30 I lay him down for the night. He still can't fall asleep without someone in the room with him. So tonight I took my laptop in there and worked on some homework while he fell asleep. He only woke up once too. :) He cried, I loved on him and gave him his paci and he passed out. :) Yay! Hopefully this schedule sticks. I'm hoping so. His staying up until 2 or so in the morning is killing me!

Now for sewing related stuffs. I was at the goodwill the other day to get my old sheets for our rug crocheting lesson on the 6th, and I found a crib quilt pattern book. I'm trying to figure out if I wanted to do something from there. I'll have to think on it. :) Some of these patters look pretty complicated.

Well, this is done, time for sleep. 7am gets here sooner and sooner every day!


  1. Great goodwill find! You'll have to bring the book on the 6th for us to look over. I'm still not sure if I am going to do the rug thing or not. I have so many other projects I need to work on. Do you think it would be rude?

  2. No, you could always bring a needle with you to learn, and just put that aside when you get home. That way if you're ever curious about how to do it, you already put in the practice.

  3. Oh, how are you liking your mower. I've considered doing the same thing. About how much are they? I don't really want to spend the money and not like it---

  4. I paid just under 100$ for it. It is nice. Not the fanciest push reel mower, but it works for my yard. I have a really small yard, and my neighbour doesn't want us mowing his yard anymore. (we never charged him or anything. I guess he feels bad.) So we have around 1/3rd acre max. It takes around 45 or so minutes. Which isn't bad. Mr. V and I are going to be mowing every Tuesday, so one of us can be out playing with Lil Mr. V and the other can mow. We could even take turns if we need to.