Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A few new things going on here.

Still loving the homemade washing powders that I learned from C.Michele. As a matter of fact it's laundry day in the land of Tracy. This day started and I made some homemade blueberry/raspberry pancakes. Nathan was ok until he ate a raspberry. Then he made a very funny face. Afterward I went to school to learn about Hitler and came back home. I started going through my blogs that I follow on frugal living (something I'm dying to learn to do better) and on how to unclutter my home and life. Which I need to do better since there are three of us and we're living in such a small space. The stuff is starting to overwhelm me. And now that I have the extra time, I'm putting it to use to sort through and define what and where everything goes. That being said on one of the blogs I follow, The Frugal Girl she is forever baking and fixing homemade stuffs. So, upon reading her latest blog on her favourite cookbooks, a commenter mentioned getting a free Fleischmann's Bread Book. So sure enough, I looked into it, and they are. The order form is here. You just tell how you heard about that site from the drop down box and then click on the recipe book. It takes you to a page that you fill out and you just click your print option, mail them a dollar and they'll mail you your bread making book. So in about a month or so, I'll be sure to tell you how it goes with the book. Also in my attempt to figure out how to best, frugally, and responsibly do things I have figured out what lawn mower to get for us. I've purchased 2 different lawn mowers for myself at this apartment. Both times, my lawn mower has been "exchanged" with someone who has a broken one and they've taken my perfectly good one. Since I can't prove it, I'm stuck with a mower that doesn't work. My old roomie, took his with him when he moved. Which is perfectly understandable. But I hate having to constantly replace something I shouldn't have to replace so frequently. I feel like I'm wasting my money. Not only that, gas isn't getting cheaper. And every year, to keep that same mower running well and efficiently, you need to change spark plugs, sharpen the blades, change the oil, and make sure that the gas is good and not overtaken with water. This is in the mower and in the gas can. Since I have such issues keeping a good running mower and I'm supplying the neighbourhood with mowers, and my yard is less than .5 acre, I've decided that the old school manual push mower is my best and most responsible option. Thus my picture for this blog. So I shall be picking this up this week. That way we don't let the grass get too high and make mowing harder on ourselves. That's the news for the week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. N.James bought me a bread machine two years ago for mother's day and I L-O-V-E it. I use it all the time. It is almost worn out. About a month ago it stopped working and I almost had a panic attack. While he was trying to fix it, I was already on the web looking for another (luckily it was fixable). The BEST investment ever made. After eating your own bread, you won't want to eat anything store bought ever again. I am serious. The best part is that you can always find them at yard sales. They are bulky and take up counter space, but if you use yours a lot it won't matter.

  2. I thought about a bread machine. My friend has one, but he's not fond of the loaves it makes and only uses it to mix and knead his bread. And I've checked his out, and I would probably use it for the same reasons he uses it. And for a slightly larger investment ($100 or so)I can get a stand mixer. But we'll see how I enjoy making bread. If I enjoy doing it enough, then I'll know it will be worth its money. As of right now, we get more bread on WIC than we can eat in a month. It would just be nice to make a loaf of whatever we need as we need it, rather than making due with what we have.