Friday, March 12, 2010

There's a lot more than just sewing going on up in here!

Sewing is something I'm interested in learning to do. It allows me to be creative without having to draw or any of the other things that I cannot do. Same as cross-stitch and crocheting. I have so many projects started, that I need to finish, and I have this sewing machine that's just sitting there doing nothing. So, as part of my yearly goals set for myself, is starting and finishing a project. This is also a means for me to get some Christmas presents made for family and friends, since we failed so miserably this year to get anything for anyone other than my niece and my son. And this year it's going to be worse because I'm not working. So, after some brainstorming, and some thinking, I've got 9 months to get to working on my Christmas projects for my friends and family. This is completely do-able. I'm also, going to keep tabs on how much money I spend on these things too, as I'm trying to find a way of living life more frugally than I have been in the past. Wes works too hard for me to throw his money away on things that I don't need to. Not if there is a cheaper means of doing the same thing. So, this blog is all about that. My projects, sewing and otherwise, and my desire to find a cheaper means of achieving a goal.

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