Friday, March 26, 2010

More from where earlier came from....

So I got my mower yesterday. It was too wet to put it together or anything. Tomorrow though....It's supposed to be gorgeous. Mom and "Onya" as lil Mr. V calls her are supposed to come and push him on his new swing (that's if Mr. V and I can get it up) and whatnot. I'm going to put the mower together and go on and start mowing my yard. In the backyard I'm going to clear out a spot at the backside of it, so I can get my pumpkin patch started. Just a few pumpkins. And I'll be putting in some flowers and bordering grasses and such. Decorate it some and get it to look nice. Make my backyard more inviting and someplace I'd rather be. Now if my duplex neighbour would be the same. He has beer cans and crap strung all over the yard. Which I'll have to be cleaning up if I'm going to mow because I don't want to damage my blades already. So I found another awesome website. This is a cleaning and de-cluttering website. This woman makes an overwhelming house (which is what mine has become) into something seemingly more manageable. God bless her! *L* She's not necessarily "frugal", or "green", however, she is all about time management. Which is something else that being so over cluttered can kill. Anyways, she's got some awesome ideas that even the most tidy person could use. The Fly Lady. So far, just implementing her 15 minute tricks and making my sink shine and getting dressed down to my lace up shoes makes a pretty remarkable difference. We'll check out my to do list this afternoon to see just how much I've managed to accomplish. :)

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