Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Well, we had no food waste this week, YAY! I was able to do something with those bananas and oranges, so there was no waste, whoohoo!

I realized last night that I REALLY rely on my menu planning. I've only done it for 2 weeks, but it's made things so much easier for Mr. V and myself that when we have a cog thrown in the wheel, it really causes issues. Last night was our leftover night, and since we did that on Monday (because he went to bed so early), we were going to have that meal yesterday. (confused yet? *L*) Anyways, his mom invited us over for supper. Which was nice, since she works over 80 hours/week, we've not seen her since Lil Mr. V's birthday back in December. So we went to her house. But she forgot that yesterday was Thursday. She was thinking it was Wednesday, and had only JUST set out what we were having. So, we had no dinner at her house, we had nothing thawed out at our house. We had no leftovers. So we had to resort to buying fast food because it was getting pretty late. I realized then, that though it is a NEW habit, it's such a wonderful habit to have that I can't/won't get rid of it. We're flexible, it can be re-arranged, and such. But for the most part, it's so nice to have. You don't have to do any guess work and finagling ingredients together. You get out what you need to get out. You have everything you need because you shop for the meals and voila, stress free. And it's not nearly as time consuming as my prior methods. Yay!

Anyways, off to paying bills and grocery shopping for me!

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