Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thimble Thursdays...

So today I have a Spanish class, and after my test I was talking with la profesora, Sra. J. We were discussing Spanish Tortillas and I was mentioning bringing one to clase on Monday, when she mentioned that she saw my blog. (Yup, that's right, I'm throwing in some Spanish words now. :P How's that for some Spanglish! ) She also mentioned that she sews also. YAY! I love learning something new about someone, especially if it is a shared interest. It's almost like a bonding over something you never talked about. But there it is, that kinship. I mentioned our sewing circle to her, so hopefully, she'll make it out sometime. If not, maybe she could join online and work it out from there. :) Ms. C.Michele is very easy to work with.

Well, I'm getting my work area cleared and settled away so I can set up my sewing machine. OH my! The nerves get to me. Honestly that machine is daunting with all its levers and spindles and such, and this is an UNcomplicated machine. I will conquer that machine. I won't let it get the best of me! I have some sewing to do and by gollys I'm going to do it!

I have my nieces birthday present all figured out. :) Since she's such a voracious reader, I'm going to make her 5 corner bookmarks and a kindle book-style cover. I have to by a book board for the cover, but that's ok, it'll keep the kindle safer than without it. But I have the patterns and I just need to get some fabric and I'll be all set. I really looked over the bookmarks, those are something I'd feel more comfortable sewing by hand, since there is pretty much only decorative stitching to be done. I know the lady suggests using her machine for the "x", but seriously....I can't sew a line, let alone an "x". Hand-sewing....completely different ballgame. I can have that down pat. I just need to get the calico fabric and magnetic tape, and I'll be in like quinn.

Now, the kindle cover....that's a horse of a different colour. I will need to use the machine for that, if for no other reason than the strength of the stitches. Besides, it's basically all straight lines. Definitely more simple than the curves of the "x". OH and about that purse I'm wanting to make. I JUST about have the pattern figured out. :) Yay! Go me. I'll go over it with Ms. C. Michele on the 4th, and get her take on it and see what she says. :)

So, what are all your hobbies/crafty goodness? Cooking and baking are crafts. Are you able to create new recipes with a few ingredients? Gardening, especially landscape-type gardening is a craft as well. Photography. There are many things that take talent to do. What's yours?

PS. For those that didn't know, you can still post a comment on my blog, even if you aren't a friend of the blog. Just be sure to put your name at the end, so I'll know who you are.

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