Saturday, April 3, 2010

The day between two days....

Yesterday was Good Friday. The day we pay respects to Jesus for dying on the cross for all of us, whether or not we believe in his values or his Father. And tomorrow is Easter. The day he rose again to return to his Father in Heaven. Today, I'm baking these and they are smelling awesome! We're also going to be colouring some Easter eggs for Lil Mr. V to hunt around the house. It's raining today and he's been sick lately, so I don't want to get him out to the big Easter Egg hunt that's going on at the Park. We're also going to be making sugar cookies. I got a HUGE box of cookie cutters. 101 cutters for only $10. That's a site better than 3 for $3 for ONLY Easter themed cutters. I think he'll enjoy putting them together.

On another note...My cucumbers are rather large, I'm going to have to thin them out. My beets look spindly and I have 3 rather large pumpkin sprouts. I have lots of tomato sprouts and I have a few onion sprouts. I see a very few parsley sprouts and a couple of lavender. We'll see how they turn out. :) Go go grow light!

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