Friday, April 23, 2010

Food Waste Friday/Menu...

As a means of keeping myself accountable for the wasted food in the house, I followed The Frugal Girl's lead. So every week will be a post about how much food was wasted for the week.

Well, this week was not a triumphant week in the land of Tracy. We did have some waste. :( We had about a third of an italian loaf go to waste, a quarter of a sandwich loaf go to waste, and way too much ground beef, that I'd rather not talk about. It makes me WAY too sad to think on it. The italian loaf, I just couldn't figure out what ELSE to do with it. The sandwich loaf bums me because we were about to have some pb &j's when I figured out that the mold monster had gotten it before I could finish it off. So lunch was delayed while I was scrambling about trying to figure what else to have. And again, the ground beef I don't want to discuss...

Now onto the menu for next week. I repeat I absolutely LOVE this new habit of mine. We're fine tuning it. We've realized that breakfast and lunches are pretty much the same all week and are always on the fly/leftovers, etc. But this DOES make supper making so much easier when you know exactly what you're having, so you can make it. PLUS it makes grocery shopping faster and easier. No more going down EACH isle trying to find stuff to eat. YAY! Anyways! ONWARD yon menu!!!

Breakfasts will be the usual cereal, toast, eggs, pancakes. Lunches are leftovers and sandwiches.

*Fried Pork Chops
*Baked Sweet Potatoes

*Complete meal in a bag (need to get it out of the freezer)

*Ribs (bbq/glazed)
*Mashed potatoes
*Green beans

*Grilled burgers and hotdogs

*Pizza Night!!!

*Baked potato

Friday (new recipe night)
*Roasted Italian Chicken w/ veggies (Meals with a Mission Cook Book)

*Garlic bread


  1. Do you make your own pizza? I have tried to make my own with homemade crust, and with store bought crust, and I have even bought the frozen kind, but it is NEVER as good as Papa Johns (or Pizza Hut/ Dominos etc...).

  2. Well, I haven't made my very own from scratch yet. I'll be honest and tell you, I'm a little afraid of the yeast monster. *L* However, jiffy mix has this little box that you just add water to, and I make it up, and it's really good. Though I AM going to make some when I run out of the jiffy stuff. I just haven't ran out yet. (there was a sale where you get it 10cents cheaper, and I bought several boxes.) However, I have a friend who makes his own breads and he loves the pizza crust. I prefer thin crust and toppings to the edge, so it's a little crackery type of crust. When I get my camera I'll have to take a picture of my supreme style pizza. It's a big hit with the fellas.

  3. I will have to try Jiffy mix as I like their cornbread. I hear ya on the yeast. I just started making my own bread and I messed up the yeast A LOT in the beginning.

  4. Well, supposedly there is this "no knead" method where you don't even need a stand mixer. I got the recipe book in the mail yesterday. I'm going to try it out this weekend. It's a really awesome thing because you send a dollar to fleischmann and they send you this little cookbook. :)

    I really like Jiffy cornbread. So I tried the pizza dough to a successful measure. Just make sure you knead it like you would your own. When you poke it when your finger and the dough springs back some(not QUITE as tight as bread, but close), is when it's ready. And I pre-bake my crust a little, maybe 5 minutes or so.