Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wednesday's Hearth - Italian "tacos"

The new thing out today is this idea that I got from my friend Mr. Mike. We have homemade pizzas on Wednesdays and I had a LOT of leftover browned Italian sausage and I was lamenting on what to do with the remainder as I didn't want to throw it out. And so he helped me brainstorm and asked if Italians had anything like a tortilla. And since we couldn't think of a bread/tortilla like thing that they have, he suggested Pita pockets and making "tacos" out of it. So, I ran with it and here it goes. (I REALLY wished I had a picture of it. And maybe when I get my new camera I'll start adding pictures)

Now sorry for the lack of measurements. Unless it's baking EVERYTHING for me is to "taste". So, you'll get the ingredients and an idea of what it should look like/taste like, and that will be that.

Italian Tacos

*Homemade pasta sauce (unchunky style)with finely ground beef in it
(I had made lasagna a couple of nights before and this was what was remaining of the sauce)
*Finely ground mild Italian sausage
*Ricotta Cheese
*Mozzarella Cheese
*Split Pita pockets

Since most all of this was leftovers, everything can be mixed cold.
Mix the sauce with the sausage to make it even more thick.
Open the pita and put some Ricotta in the bottom, layer the meat sauce in, layer the mozzarella on top.
I cooked all of them up, so I used an 8x8 pan so they'd all stand upright.
Place in a pre-heated oven 400 degrees F.
Cook until mozzarella is melted.

Let cool and eat! It was VERY good. So much so that Mr. V wanted me to add it to our "must" use recipe list. :D I am going to make them tonight along with our pizza so Mr. Mike can try it.

What is so great about this dish, it is truly leftovers. The only thing bought special for this dish was the pita bread. So this is a great lunch or Leftover Thursday dinner.

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