Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day in the life of a Mom

Today I had to take Lil' Mr. V in for his 2 year well baby (toddler?) visit. And while we were there waiting to be called back, he decided that he wanted to tinker with the water fountain. I say tinker because he didn't really want to play (he did but I wasn't worried because he was too short to do much), and he didn't want a drink. He tried to figure out how you got water to come out of it. And after a little "figurin'" (as my Grandpa would say) he figured if you push in this bar, water came out. So he wanted to put his hand in it. So he'd push the bar, water would come out, he would say "Yeah!", let go of the bar to touch the water and say "Oh no!" because there was no more water. *LOL* I had to cover my mouth because it was so funny. He did this over and over again. By the end, he learned to push it with one hand and try to touch with the other. That's when I stepped in to distract him. :)


  1. So how did the checkup go? Did he have to have a shot? I always cried more than they did when mine got theirs.

  2. The checkup went well. He got his flu shot. But he's all caught up until he's 4. Except for the yearly shots. He took the shot well and the finger prick well, though he bled really bad, and he's been a huge fuss since. But I'm sure he's feeling pretty crappy. I know I would.