Monday, January 17, 2011

Crafty works.......1 complete/2WIP

My niece's Mom is having a baby in a few weeks. And Da Goob wanted to make something special for her sister. Since I needed to go to my LQS, I took her along and we checked out the fabric while we were there. She decided to make her a fleece tie blanket.

This is the front that she chose. She is a fan of rubber duckies. And the back was this pretty cream color. Here's the hand embroidery.

It was a simple project that we were able to finish the same day. She went home to her Mom yesterday. I hope she enjoys it. :) I know Da Goob worked awful hard on it. :) 

As for my WIP, I am still working on that afghan. It's grown considerably. 

Here's a closeup of the colors. 

I joined in a Beginners Block of the Month class at my LQS. I am such a beginner, it's not even funny. The only thing I've ever sewn by my sewing machine has been a test patch just to practice my straight stitches. However, for my first block I think I did ok. I had to keep my seam ripper really close by because I did all of my pieces at least twice because my machine wanted to pull my top layer to the left so it would veer off. But I'm working on that. But for my second time at trying to match my seams I think I did ok. 

And here's for my block minus sashing. 

Not bad for my first ever quilt block sewn by machine. :) 


  1. The duckie blanket is adorable and I am loving the afghan! That first botm block is always nerve wracking...but yours looks great! Those seams looked matched to me :)

    You are certainly starting off the year well on the projects front!

  2. My two year-old would love your afghan as purple is her favorite color. ;-) It's looking good, Tracy!

  3. Thanks Kellie. I'll show you my block in person sometime soon, so you'll see, the seam is off by a hair, but honestly, I think it's one of those things I can live with. I'm sure Danna will let me know in Feb. if it is livable or a have to do over.

    Grace, the yarn is a pink/purple and white variegated yarn. It's really pretty, and I don't like pink. The best part is it is SUPER soft and warm. :)