Friday, February 4, 2011

Lil man is growing up...

On Monday morning, Lil' Mr. V woke up and asked to go to the potty. Mind you, he turned 2 two days before Christmas. We've not pushed the potty issue, because honestly, when he's ready, he'll be ready. Well, he's been asking to go ever since then. Nothing consistent, but regardless, he's doing it. :) I'm proud of him. He's growing up so quickly. Today, he requested to sit in his high chair to watch a movie in the living room. (VERY strange for him because he'll run back and forth from his room to the living room until he's wheezing) So I took this opportunity to really clean his room. I took down the pool we used for his ball pit. Now it's in storage waiting for summer. I went through all his books and toys, I discarded the broken ones, donated the old/no longer played with ones. I re-arranged his toys in their bins and cleaned out from under his bed. (OMG! Can I say land of lost toys?) It was also the day that I vacuum his room (can't vacuum with him in there because of his allergy to dust mites.) and washed his sheets. He didn't take well to putting his stuffed animals in the freezer. (kills dust mites) But this has been the pattern. He'll utterly destroy his room. I will go in there and clean it. And he'll destroy it, and it's a vicious cycle. He's showing, though, that he's growing up. So tonight before we brushed our teeth and washed our hands for bed, I sat in his floor with him and with my help, HE cleaned up his mess. :) And he did an amazing job too. :)

Man, my flash is really bright! Anyways, this is his clean-up job. :) I think he did wonderfully well! :) Can you tell he's a "Cars" fan?

Here's his book shelf. This is something I'm most proud of, because he's REALLY good at throwing them everywhere or chewing on them. He's starting to sit still for me to read to him. :) I'm so happy about that. Because I do love to read to him.

And here's a picture of the handsome little devil now. He slept through all the photo taking. :) See all his stuffed animals. He has twice that amount in the blue bin in the first picture. Every other day or so, he wants to get in there and exchange out one or two of them. There is just one consistent and that's the black bunny that is next to his face.

Well, that is all for the night. :) I just had to share that I'm a proud Momma this week. :)


  1. Tell him I'm so proud of him! He did a better job than Darcy!

  2. you are a great mom!!! keep it up cricketp :-)