Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dreaming the dream....

I've been cleaning my house slowly and surely by the Flylady method for a couple of months now. Mostly my problem is clutter. I have a very small living space, three people living in it and all of us have a LOT of stuff. So it's really been a process of trying to de-clutter. So I make frequent trips to the goodwill and salvation army with stuff that we no longer need/want/know about. And slowly it's coming together. I didn't realize just how small my place was until last week. My Mom just moved and her place isn't large by any means, but it is almost TWICE the size of my place. I literally have about 600 square feet. And I'll admit, I'm a wee bit envious. She has smaller bedrooms, but really, she has LOTS of closet space. (I have 3 tiny closets. 1 is half taken up with the hot water heater, and another is filled with the CHA unit.) She has two full bathrooms, a place for her washer and dryer and a bar that separates her kitchen from her living room. Oh to have a bar. I would so own some of these
or these
for the traditional look. Or really any of the adjustable bar stools from CSN for the non-traditional/modern look.

Oh the dreams a gal can dream. :)


or modern?

I will just have to get my Mom a couple for her birthday maybe. :) So I can live vicariously through her. :P


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog Tracy. How gr8 is the flylady, been shining my sink most nights & putting out my clothes to get dressed first thing every morning. Now to tackle the clutter nad hot spots.



  2. If we didn't have dreams.....sometimes that is all that keeps us going....