Thursday, June 24, 2010

And so it has been a while. Far too long to be honest...

I think graduating fried my brains. Then there was the muck that happened with Lil Mr. V. And then my Uncle had to have a stint put in his heart. Then my other Uncle died of heart failure. Then things started to calm down. Mr. V started a new job. On a better schedule than thirds. Which is lovely, but requires getting accustomed to, as well as getting Lil Mr. V accustomed to. Something we've not gotten down yet. He and I still require extra sleep during the day. :) So today is Thimble Thursday, and what have I done. Well, I've helped my Mom alter a pattern. We have everything cut out, but now we're waiting to get together to sew it up as she had to have a heart cath this week, and everything is as clean as a whistle. (thank goodness!) I still haven't made my bookmarks yet. But I shall! Dagnabit! I shall! I'm still trying to find some decent davy board. I don't think I'll find anything, so I'm just going to find some of the sturdiest boxes around and cut out my own pattern for my niece's kindle cover. I feel so out of the loop. Trust me, I will be back, and I will be going strong, I just have to work out the cobwebs in my fingers and get things moving again.

OH and C.Michele I think you should add a day of book reviews. :)

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