Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thimble gathering

So yesterday we had to make a run to Evansville, IN. They have a Michael's, Hobby Lobby and a JoAnn's fabric there. Here we have Notions and Whims (AWESOME little shop!) and Wal-Mart (they're closing their fabric department, I'll have to check out some of their sales...). However, there was some things I needed to get that I couldn't get in either place, and I went ahead and got some things there since I was there. We went to JoAnn's since I hadn't been there yet. I needed to get a set of pinking shears and a rotary cutter. (This I CAN get locally, but figured while I was there, go on and get them there.) I found a kit there that had the cutting board, rotary cutter and clear grid ruler. I also, got some more bobbins and thread. I found an awesome set of thread knife scissors for my Mom, but that would be a birthday present. They were a wee bit pricey. Mr. V found a nice artist tablet for his friend who loves to draw, and Mr. Mike found some nice pencils for that same friend. I do think that they'll make him happy. The thing I was looking for that couldn't be found in town, I found for Ms. Lisa. :) She'll be happy to know I found her #3 round icing tip. And it was a steal at $.99. I hope she doesn't get upset at how much I spent on it. So for Goob's corner bookmarks, I need to find some adhesive backed magnetic strips. That was the ONE thing that I forgot. OH well. Her birthday isn't until September. And Mom and I are going fabric shopping for some fabric for some skirts for me for school when she comes back from Florida. Which will be at the end of the month. Woot. I'm getting pretty excited. :) This is finally starting to come together. YEEHAW!


  1. Thanks for the comment Tracy, you are so kind. It is strange to think all this devastation has happened right here in my own back yard. I didn't even realize it was that bad until after it was over. I appreciate you letting everyone know about the bags.

    :) Teresa

    PS, they have adhesive backed magnetic strips at Michael's, it's not cheap though!

  2. I actually found some sheets of them at Walmart in town. I was looking for something else, and ran across them by mistake. They were $2.97/2 sheets, but I can get 2 book marks at least out of them.

    I'm sad that our store will be getting rid of their fabric section, however, I'm happy that come Monday the fabric will be 50% off. So that will be a plus to start on a stash.

    And you're welcome about letting people know. I like reusable bags. I have quite a few of them. (you can never have too many!)And I know quite a few people in Nashville that would love to buy some, especially these particular bags. One of my friends from Smyrna re-posted the website on HER Facebook so even more people will be seeing it. :) So hopefully you guys will sell all of your bags. :)