Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates!

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I was going through finals. Well, last night was graduation ceremonies. So I got to turn my tassel from right to left. :) I am not officially a bachelor's student. Yay! 3 more semesters until I graduate with my bachelors degree. Anyways, again I apologize for not having something to post up on Thimble Thursday and Food Waste Friday. So I'll give you the run down here.

On Tuesday we had our sewing circle meeting, and we had a local news guy come and interview us. Can view the Seams to Me website here and the actual article here. So it was neat to have us out there in an article.

 As far as food waste goes, I had to chuck a hand of bananas that started to mold (irksome because I had just bought them) and some leftover spaghetti that was old. Otherwise, not too bad. This week I haven't been cooking as much because of finals and graduation, so there hasn't been much to throwaway.

Anyways, sorry for the short update, I've got to get to the hardware store to battle the ants that set up a nest in my interior wall because of this flooding we've had. And I have to head to our local produce market. I want to get a few plants and some fresh stuffs.

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