Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010.

So today is the last day of 2010. I've gotten bold enough to use my sewing machine a little. I can definitely see how people fall in love with it. Now if I can just get over my fear of cutting into fabric. Oh but that is to come! I don't have a bunch of "resolutions". I think I'll follow my friend Kellie is doing. It's a bunch of what I WON'T be continuing into the new year.

1.) I'm going to stop hating on myself. This includes loving myself with stretches and exercises. This is taking just as much care of me as I do Mr. V and Lil Mr. V. This also includes getting back in track with Sparkpeople. There are some awesome people there that can help me on my path of loving myself.

2.) I'm going to stop being so last minute and disorganized. Ms. Flylady will become one of my best friends. :) Their new motto is 7 in 2011! So I'm going to work on getting my house in better order through her tips and tricks. They really do work. Even if you have to chase a toddler!

3.) I'm going stop putting everyone's everything ahead of me. I put off anything that I need or want to do because it inconveniences someone else, this includes showering sometimes, y'all! That's how horrible it's gotten. So I'm going to have to start putting my foot down and demanding some time for myself to take care of myself. Other people will just have to deal with it.

4.) I'm not going to buy as much this year. Well, really, I don't buy much anyway. However, if it's not second hand or meant to be used in a craft, I'm not buying it. (This does not include needed things, but extraneous spending is done.) This includes presents. Which I did VERY well this year. Most all my gifts were homemade (if not by me, by another local crafter) or they were second hand. A few things were re-gifted and even less was brand new. This year I plan on making most of my major presents.

5.) This is my one do. I will be making more crafts this year. I'm hoping to complete at least 1 project per month. The size of these projects will be determined by me, but I do plan on finishing at least 1 per month, I'm hoping to bring down my stash of unfinished projects down. Some are sewn, some are crocheted and some are cross stitched. Wish me much luck with this one. :)

This past year introduced me to several wonderful people who triggered my creative side. Something I was convinced didn't exist. So for that I'm grateful! I wished I could spend more time with my sewing buddies. Maybe I'll be able to soon enough. We'll see how this new year treats us all. :)

Take care everyone. Be safe. Remember to call taxis if you need to. I'm going to be ringing in the new year quite possibly sleeping, but maybe playing Wii with my favorite fella.

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