Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween - Day in the life of a Mom.

Happy Halloween! Our town had our trick or treating last night. Lil Mr. V is still so small that we didn't do much in the way of trick or treating. We went to his Uncle DonBob's house and to my Mom's house. But that's what happens when he's not yet 2. He was so cute as the zombie army guy. :) Then today we went to see the Veggie Tales Sing Yourself Silly Live show. :) It was fun! And he wasn't afraid at all. He fell asleep for the last few songs, but other than that, he was up and dancing and trying to sing along. He came home and his Dad gave him some Powerade, and he got all wild and crazy, screaming and yelling and shaking his fists at the TV. So we know to not give him Powerade any longer. Also, his Dad has been working his new job long enough that now when Lil man goes to bed, his Daddy has to be here. Sometimes his Daddy is in bed before he goes to bed, however, he ALWAYS gets hugs and kisses night night. Well, tonight his Dad left to a friend's house since he's having a long weekend. I had to call and get him to come home, because Lil Mr. V wasn't going to bed until his Daddy came home. So thankfully his friend lives just across the street and he can come over and tuck Lil man in bed. Now he's sleeping peacefully. :) The past few weekends it's been go go go go go go for Lil Mr. V. And next weekend he is having an early birthday party. Since his birthday is a couple of days before Christmas, we're having it early so we don't have to worry with the Christmas brewhaha. We'll still throw him a private family party ON his birthday. But I hope he enjoys his party next weekend. :) I hope his friends do as well. :)

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