Sunday, September 26, 2010

Learning the letter P- Day in the life of a Mom

Lil' Mr. V is closing in really fast on the big number 2. He's picking up words at an alarming rate. And I was worried earlier because we were lucky to hear Mama and Daddy from him. Now he's saying "dinner" "goober" and speaking in small sentences, like "Mine chair!". I've been trying to teach him his ABC's. Not visual recognition. I think we should learn how to say them first. It started out he could say "b" and "d". Now he can say A-F. Yay....and he can say P. He's been following us to the bathroom and when I tell him that I'm going to potty he instantly says "Mama pee!". Yesterday was a band competition at a local high school and my niece is the only middle school kid in the high school marching band and we went to see her perform. Afterward I took her and Lil Mr. V out for chinese. Goob (my niece) had to go to the restroom, and lil man was hollering for her to not go, so I explained to him that she had to go potty. Suddenly in the loud and clear voices that only children get when they say something when and/or where they shouldn't, he pipes up with "Ooober go PEE!" Yup...that caused some looks...

And later, I was having a moment and posting how awesome I thought my family was on facebook. JUST as I was finishing it up with just how great and wonderful I thought my son was, how much he made me laugh and how much awe he fills my life...he hands me his diaper and says "DONE!"....then takes off running as naked as he arrived into this world, giggling all the way. 

Yup...he sure makes me giggle and fills my world with awe. *L*

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