Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Day in the life of a Mom...

The other day my Mom was over watching my son while I was in class. After I got in from class, Lil Mr. V wanted to do something I wasn't allowing him to do, and he got mad and started to huff and stomp around. He paces angrily back and forth from his room to the coffee table. This crosses my path because I'm sitting between them. And he's angry with me and he's stomping around. Oh and did I mention before that he really has no grace. None. I am clumsy. Mr. V is clumsy. Poor Lil Mr. V hasn't a hope of being graceful. That being said, he tripped over his feet just as he got near the coffee table and he fell. His head cracked into the table. He started to cry as I ran to him. I kissed his head and cuddled him close. And within the minute he had a bluish purple mark show up on his forehead. So today, two days later, he's running crazy around the house with this purple dot between his eyes, but he slows down and walks gingerly around the coffee table.

He's growing by leaps and bounds. He's developing his own tastes. He has a favorite movie. A favorite song. A favorite book. He has favorite toys and shoes. He takes his inhaler like a big boy and counts to six with me. And he knows he has to do it twice. He doesn't like eggs and he doesn't like to take naps, though he will sometimes. He's getting so independent and he's growing up already. For someone who never wanted to have kids, I'm enjoying myself so much right now with him. :) 

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  1. Really thoughtful last line. Interesting how toddlers have such discriminating taste, isn’t it?