Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Triple "R" Tuesday

Recently, we had to take Lil Mr. V to the allergist because he's had several asthma attacks. We found out that he's allergic to dust mites. No matter how clean you keep your house, you will have dust mites. So we have to reduce the things that will collect dust. That is all things fabric or furry. So, we've frozen his stuffed animals and put them in a plastic tub. We are in the process of reducing the amount of big fuzzy things in his floor. PLUS we are vacuuming out our AC duct work, especially since our vents are in the ceiling. After we take care of that and the floors we're going to be washing down the walls. While we're doing all this we're transitioning from 12mo to 18/24month clothes. So we have our donate boxes and bags, and I have a friend who's getting his 12 month clothes. We are also ready to recycle our cans. I have a couple of sheets to cut up and get started on sewing together this patchwork quilt. This one I might be brave enough to quilt by hand, but honestly, I doubt it. That's such a pain in the tookus. I know this should have been posted this morning. And I do apologize. I had class first thing this morning and we were busy playing with cars and counting this morning.

So right now...I'm now going to bed. I have to head to Salvation Army and Goodwill tomorrow to give some of this stuff away and get it out of my house.

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  1. Hey, you did not tell me you were back!?! I've got some catch-up reading to do here!:-)

    PS: send that funnel cake recipe anytime. Maybe even in a blog post? ;-)